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"He is the living God,
stedfast forever. . .
He delivereth
and rescueth,
he worketh
signs and wonders
in heaven
in earth."

Daniel 6:26-27


in His providence
does not permit us
to know the end
from the beginning; but He gives us
the light of His word
to guide us
as we pass along,
and bids us
to keep our minds stayed upon Jesus.

Signs of the Times
October 20, 1887



Providential Workings

        1. The Stolen Bible
        2. The Prisoner of Glatz
        3. The Siege of Leiden
        4. Bernard Gilpin
        5. You Can't Tell A Book By Its Cover
        6. None Shall Make Them Afraid
        7. Before the Fact
        8. The Enemy Put To Flight