Advancing side by side with technological development and economic expansion of the twentieth century, there is a growing sense of pessimism and despair. Despite men's efforts to improve society, there is an ever increasing void of morals that threatens the collapse of social fabric. Regardless of the efforts expended to stabilize the world political and economic picture, wherever the eye turns, there is nothing in the world that is able to give assurance of a more secure future. With a concern that is increasing in intensity, thoughtful minds are watching the passing of events, seeking to evaluate their meaning. But while we may desire to understand the events that are taking place around us, it is impossible to correctly evaluate them if we do not understand that end towards which they are tending.

The society in which we live could well be described as being post-Christian. In turning away from spiritual values to find meaning, Western society has replaced God with other things. Inevitably, as men turn away from God, His Word is set aside and its power to restrain the evil passions of the natural heart is rejected. Men have sown to the flesh, and of the flesh have reaped corruption. Yet the change has been so subtle that most Christians are scarcely aware of what is taking place. Much less do they understand the issues involved. Failing to understand the events of the past, which give significance to the present, they are as ships without chart or compass. When, however, we view events in the perspective that history gives, a clear pattern develops, shedding a light on present day events and illuminating an otherwise dark future as a star of bright hope.

During these climactic hours of earth's history, only one Source clearly delineates the past, giving to the passing events their correct importance. Only in the pages of Scripture is the curtain drawn aside, revealing the true meaning of life. Within the pages of God's Word a great deal is said with regard to the political, military, and economic developments in the last days. As negative as it may sound and as unpopular as the idea may be among Christians, the Bible is clear—Antichrist will rule on the earth. Even more startling, considering the large number of professing Christians, is the notion that he will not intrude himself as a diabolical force, feared and despised by all who profess Christ, but that his coming will be so deceptive in nature that only a small minority will contest his bid for supremacy.

Jesus spoke with authority when He pointed out that there are two roads (see Matthew 7:13–14, 21–23) by which men may choose to travel this life. The travelers on these roads represent the two great classes of people from the beginning, to the end of time. One of these roads, thronged by the teaming multitudes, is heavily traveled. The other road, though more obscure and but lightly traveled, even by those professing the Christian faith, is the one trod by the faithful of all ages. It is only this latter road, however, the road least traveled, that gives promise of a bright and secure future. Though the road is referred to as being narrow, there is room for all who choose to remain within its narrow way.