Over two thousand years of sacred history are covered in the fifty chapters of the scriptures that comprise the book of Genesis. Therein is found a rich and informative panorama, carrying us from the story of Creation through the history of the early patriarchs.

A portion of the book of Revelation also presents the broad sweep of events associated with the great cosmic conflict between good and evil which has been raging for thousands of years. From the outbreak of the war in heaven, the Apocalypse directs our vision to the glories of the earth made new, following the ultimate triumph of truth and righteousness.

The Other Road is also a book which, in relatively few chapters, brings again to view the great spiritual conflict described in Holy Writ; a conflict affecting the rise and fall of nations; a conflict which will continue until the end of time; and a conflict that will ultimately decide the destiny of every human being.

We live in an age when many allow little, if any, time to contemplate the seriousness or meaning of life. Too often history is viewed as a series of random and unrelated events, which can, at best, merely serve to demonstrate man's ability to adapt to constant change as part of his evolutionary development. Such a flippant and short-sighted outlook has settled many down into a snug nest of worldly security, believing that life, in spite of its ups and downs, will continue on indefinitely toward an even brighter and better future.

Moving rapidly across the span of centuries, The Other Road presents an entirely different picture. The events of human history, seen in the light of Scripture, become far removed in meaning from the atheistic, evolutionary view based on poor science and a generous helping of happenstance. The Other Road, drawing our attention to the source of all true knowledge, reveals in world events, not only the evidence of supernatural forces locked in mortal combat, but also the unfolding of a divine purpose for this world and for our very lives that leaves us spellbound.

One cannot read this book without the fresh realization that there will always be decisions to be made in life; but more important of all, a choice will ultimately seal our eternal destiny. The issue is vast in both scope and magnitude. As you read this book, it is my hope that your decision will be made for the right on the side of good. Respond to God's call, accepting His glorious and eternal purpose for your life.

Mike Thompson

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