life and teachings of Jesus
Adult Studies


As you open your Bible
to study His Word, let the knowledge of how much God loves you fill you with the determination to yield yourself unreservedly to Him. Accepting the salvation that He offers to all who choose to do His will, dedicate a portion of every day to Bible study and prayer, as you seek to learn more fully His will for your life.

Next, recognizing the uncertainly of life and the importance of having your life right with God, make your decision today to follow Him all the way, in all things.

Then, having committed your life to Him, take the next opportunity you have to share this truth with others that they, too, may enter into life.


Life and Teachings of Jesus

        1. Our Prophetic Word Confirmed
        2. Our Example in Baptism
        3. Facing Temptation
        4. The Born Again Experience
        5. Sharing Christ With Others
        6. Saving Faith
        7. Teaching the Law - 1
        8. Teaching the Law - 2
        9. Practical Godliness
        10. The Preaching of the Gospel
        11. As a Mustard Seed
        12. Hidden Treasure
        13. The Pearl of Great Price
        14. Rightly Dividing the Word
        15. Principles of Effective Prayer
        16. The Lost Is Found
        17. Gain That Is Loss
        18. The Rich Man and Lazarus
        19. The Sabbath - 1
        20. The Sabbath - 2
        21. The Gospel Before Christ
        22. The Wedding Garment
        23. The Second Coming - 1
        24. The Second Coming - 2
        25. The Talents
        26. The Ten Virgins
        27. The Judgment