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Reformation Articles

"In the annals of human history, the growth of nations, the rise and fall of empires, appears as dependent on the will and prowess of man. The shaping of events seems, to a great degree, to be determined by his power, ambition, or caprice. But in the Word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, behind, above, and through all the play and counterplay of human interest and power and passions, the agencies of the all-merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will."


Reformation Articles

Protestants Before Protestantism
          1. The Waldenses
          2. The Albigenses
          1. The Morningstar
          2. Wycliffe's Lasting Contribution
          3. Dawn Breaks in England
          4. Tyndale
          5. The Fall and Rise of Wolsey
          6. Henry's Separation From Rome
          7. Bloody Mary
          8. Queen Elizabeth I
          9. Armada I
          10. Armada II
          11. Armada III
          12. Armada IV
          13. The Gunpowder Plot
          14. Charles I
          15. James II
          16. William of Orange - 1
          17. William of Orange - 2
          18. A Protestant England
          1. John Huss - Part One
          2. John Huss - Part Two
          3. The Condemnation and Death of Huss
          4. Death of Jerome
          5. The Hussite Wars - Part One
          6. The Hussite Wars - Part Two
          7. The Hussite Wars - Part Three
          8. Compromise and Defeat
          1. Daybreak in Sweden
          2. The Reformation Established in Sweden
          3. The Catholic League
          4. A Strange Alliance
          5. The Fall of Madeburg
          6. The Death of Gustavus
          7. The Peace of Westphalia
          1. Martin Luther
          2. Luther Enters the Convent
          3. Righteousness By Faith
          4. A Remarkable Dream
          5. Luther Meets De Vio on His Own Ground
          6. Charles Becomes Emperor
          7. Luther Excommunicated
          8. Charles Indebted to Frederick
          9. Luther Summoned to the Diet
          10. His Appearance Unexpected
          11. Luther's Last Appearance Before the Diet
          12. Charles Rejects the Reformation
          13. Luther's Disappearance
          14. Day Dawns In Germany
          15. A Plea For Loyalty to Rome
          16. The Gathering Storm
          17. War Breaks Out
          18. The Death of Frederick
          19. Divine Deliverance
          20. The Sacking of Rome
          21. The Diet of Spires
          22. The Protest of the Princes
          23. The Marburg Conference
          24. The Diet of Augsburg - Part One
          25. The Diet of Augsburg - Part Two
          26. The Augsburg Confession
          27. The End of the Diet at Augsburg
          28. The Schmalkald War
          29. Protestantism Suppressed In Germany
          30. The Re-establishment of Protestantism

The Netherlands
          1. The Reformation in the Netherlands
          2. William of Orange Becomes Protestant
          3. The Sea Beggers
          4. William's Second Campaign
          5. The Siege of Haarlem
          6. The Siege of Alkmaar
          7. The Siege of Leiden
          8. The Sacking of Antwerp
          9. The Rise of the Seventeen Provinces
          10. The Death of William the Silent