As you open your Bible
to study His Word, let the knowledge of how much God loves you fill you with the determination to yield yourself unreservedly to Him. Accepting the salvation that He offers to all who choose to do His will, dedicate a portion of every day to Bible study and prayer, as you seek to learn more fully His will for your life.

Next, recognizing the uncertainly of life and the importance of having your life right with God, make your decision today to follow Him all the way, in all things.

Then, having committed your life to Him, take the next opportunity you have to share this truth with others that they, too, may enter into life.


All of these Bible studies may be viewed online, along with the referenced Bible texts. However, for those who prefer a more direct contact, they are available in Acrobat Reader and maybe downloaded and printed in hard copy to be sent in as part of a correspondence program. While we cannot promise to respond to all e-mail inquiries, we will review and return any lessons sent to us in hard copy, as well as respond to your questions. Please be sure to include your return address with any correspondence.

Beacon of Truth Bible StudiesIn forty-four lessons, the Beacon of Truth study guides give you an in-depth look at a wide array of Bible topics offering you the opportunity to become better acquainted with your Bible.

Life and Teachings of Jesus Bible StudiesIn a series of twenty-seven lessons, the Life and Teachings of Jesus study guides examine the gospel as explained in the parables Jesus taught, as well as how its principles were exemplified in His life. 

Pathway to Truth Bible StudiesThe Pathway to Truth lessons, covering many of the topics covered in the other two series of lessons, are an introductory approach to the truths of the Bible that while comprehensive, are easily understood.